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rantings of that girl who hangs out of her shirt...

well... leave it to jane to write a letter to liza about how she's 'not mature' and 'needs to get a reality check' when she's on drugs and such.

amusing letter gratis of eliza... sharing it with all of you <3

I know that your scared to talk to because you think im gonna yell at you. well i never was but i was pissed that you first ditched me with the slipknot concert but i was kinda expecting that from you. but when i heard that you did it to an innocent freshman girl i was crushed. I know you felt bad later but you use and abuse people all the time. i thoguth that was shitty how you waited till last minute to lie to her & ditch her. you did it too many times to me & thats what pissed me off. It wasnt even about me it was about how you did it to someone who wasn't expecting it. i also think that you need a reality check % learn how to grow up & be mature about situations like that. you cant back out at a promise even if it was last minute.

Jane (altho it looks like (Jas)

ps. dont believe kirsten & what she's saying about my health.
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