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rantings of the girl who hangs out of her shirt: part deux!

wow.. jane won't let go.. here's an email sent to eli but directed at me, her and nikki..

i don't know why you guys don't get it. you fucked up and everyone says I'm being immature! i realize you guys are all more interested in yourself than in your family and friends. even you said "i cant be friends with you cause ur to emotional and i need to think about me" thats total bullshit you don't throw your friends on the curb cause they have issues! you guys don't treat your family's right and you don't treat your friends right. a real friend would understand were i was ccoming from and would have put aside time. i mean i was always there for you guys when you guys were ddepressedand had issues. i listened and even tried to help. i could have done what you uys did and jst left you guys to feel like total shit alone but no i was always there. now if thats not loyal i don't know what is. so maybe now you guys can get your facts straight.


PS dont listen to kiristen about mah medical state she doesnt know what shes talking about.
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