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It saddens me [05 Dec 2005|12:41pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

I'm sad that this community seems to be completely dead.

Don't you people have something to complain about?! Like...lack of friends, or some fight you got into with parentals? 0_0

Anyway, I'm just bitching and moaning about how nonbody is posting on Bitch&Moan.

Now...bitch and moan dammit!

<3 kimi

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i HI NICOLE hear every 30 seconds in that bloody tape [28 Sep 2005|01:18pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

theres this kid who sits one computer away from me in the mac lab everyday during 7th period, he feels the need to not use head phones, and make annoying "hmm" type sounds, and blast his home movies. ew. I feel bad for Jay (guy who runs the mac lab) for having to put up with him.... he keeps talking to jay about his home movie thing, and i doubt he really cares..


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people do the exact OPPOSITE of what you tell them [01 Aug 2005|03:12pm]

[ mood | bitter ]

'i'll be the victim!' '...all your life'Collapse )
okay, we all know what happened with me and finn, basically blowjob+ handjob= him ask me out, two blowjobs later he gets bored and persues some random rich bitch named keslie, who makes him breakfast in heart shapes, he's tries to get me to dump him to save the friendship, i dump him, hate him, and he gets rejected by kelsie. then goes to camp.

oh no, apparently he started going out with allie at some point between kelsie and camp. fucking gah! now, i made allie promise me that she wouldn't go out with him, not because i like finn, but because I won't allow him to use anyone in the way he used me. he admited to using her for sex when we were going out, eliza was a witness to this. conclusion: finn cares about no living creature except his small dicked self. so now im pissed and disapointed in allie. transcript provided cause this just happened five fucking mins ago.

IamWayTwoCute: u would u be mad at me if i dated finn again?
Tbone53189: yes
Tbone53189: because you can do SO much better
IamWayTwoCute: thats really sweet
IamWayTwoCute: but
Tbone53189: and i personally, will not stand for anyone to allow themselves to get manipulated by him
Tbone53189: he's a douche, this has been proven SO many times
IamWayTwoCute: but i like him
Tbone53189: erf
Tbone53189: so did I
IamWayTwoCute: and
IamWayTwoCute: aaa
IamWayTwoCute: hmm
Tbone53189: Allie, just don't fall for it
Tbone53189: he manipulates people
IamWayTwoCute: well we are dating
Tbone53189: uuugh
Tbone53189: god damn woman
IamWayTwoCute: ok
IamWayTwoCute: wait
IamWayTwoCute: lets just see what happens
IamWayTwoCute: if no one buts in
Tbone53189: we know whats gonna happen
Tbone53189: hes gonna use you for sex
Tbone53189: see someone else he wants
IamWayTwoCute: lets just see
Tbone53189: and go for them
Tbone53189: dude, don't let yourself get manipulated
IamWayTwoCute: lets just see
Tbone53189: no
IamWayTwoCute: trevor
IamWayTwoCute: please
Tbone53189: no
IamWayTwoCute: ya
Tbone53189: i don't want him to fucking hurt anyone else
IamWayTwoCute: he wont hurt me
Tbone53189: yes he will
IamWayTwoCute: we have been dating for a month
Tbone53189: he fucking admited to using you for sex
IamWayTwoCute: maybe he changed
Tbone53189: i highly doubt that
IamWayTwoCute: let me just see
Tbone53189: uuugh
IamWayTwoCute: and if everyone stays out and doesn't butt in and he dumps me on his own
Tbone53189: uuugh
IamWayTwoCute: i will back off
Tbone53189: Allie
IamWayTwoCute: with u guys helping me
Tbone53189: what did you promise me that day in evanston?
IamWayTwoCute: to back off
IamWayTwoCute: but i like him
Tbone53189: but
Tbone53189: what did you promise
IamWayTwoCute: and he has changed
Tbone53189: allie
Tbone53189: ugh
Tbone53189: god damn
IamWayTwoCute: promise u wont butt in?
Tbone53189: this conversation is over
then she im'd me AGAIN
Motzzy: stop blockin me
Tbone53189: this time i had a good reason
Tbone53189: o.o
Tbone53189: he's not fucking worth the drama
Tbone53189: and like
Tbone53189: gaaah
Motzzy: ok but hear me out
Tbone53189: no
Motzzy: trevor
Motzzy: promise u wont butt in
Tbone53189: because you keep making yourself into a victim
Tbone53189: no, im promising nothing
Tbone53189: because
Tbone53189: apparently promises are worthless these days
Motzzy: trevor i am big girl
Motzzy: and if i like someone and they are doing something wrong
Motzzy: i need to figure it out on my own
Tbone53189: ugh
Motzzy: i love that u are looking out for me but still
Tbone53189: he fucking admited to using you
Tbone53189: i wont stand for it
Tbone53189: conversation over
Motzzy: i need to learn this leason on my own
Tbone53189: he's got a small dick and needs to die
Motzzy: dont block me
Tbone53189: cause he uses everyone around him
(blocked at her at that point)

i'm bitter.

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new banner [01 Apr 2005|12:26am]

[ mood | creative ]

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rantings of the girl who hangs out of her shirt: part deux! [26 Mar 2005|12:43pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

wow.. jane won't let go.. here's an email sent to eli but directed at me, her and nikki..

maybe you guys can get the facts straight..Collapse )

what what WHAT?

[26 Mar 2005|12:36pm]

[ mood | creative ]

<"A HREF="http://www.livejournal.com/community/bitchxandxmoan/">
<"IMG SRC="http://pictures.greatestjournal.com/userimg/3622030/230307" border="0">

(remove quotes before and after the A's in [ A HREF, and /A] as well as before IMG SRC before posting... keep the others..
post it and advertise...

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All right. [25 Mar 2005|06:42pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Hello...I'm the other mod. Since this is a new community...we need to advertise...everywhere!

So...go...you know..tell people. Lest I get 14th century on your butts!

what what WHAT?

rantings of that girl who hangs out of her shirt... [21 Mar 2005|05:46pm]

[ mood | amused ]

well... leave it to jane to write a letter to liza about how she's 'not mature' and 'needs to get a reality check' when she's on drugs and such.

amusing letter gratis of eliza... sharing it with all of you <3

Reality CheckCollapse )

what what WHAT?

[21 Mar 2005|05:45pm]

[ mood | content ]

new community i made... post your rantings and ramblings here.. and such



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